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[Goseong] Cheonhakjeong Pavilion

  • AddressGyoam-ri, Toseong-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do
  • InformationCulture & Tourism Department of Goseong County : (033) 680-3361
  • Homepagehttp://tour.goseong.org
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


The pavilion peacefully perched on the coastal cliffs is the place to enjoy the calmsunrise


 Cheonhakjeong Pavilion with old pine trees is placed on the steep, rocky coastal cliffs along the deep blue East Sea. This single-story pavilion with double layered eaves and octagonal roof was created by Choi Munsun and Kim Seongun in 1931. It is the best place along with Cheongganjeong Pavilion to appreciate the scenery of the East Sea. It is not that popular, so you can enjoy the sunrise very peacefully. Even though the best spot for watching the sunrise in Korea is Uisangdae Pavilion in Naksansa Temple, viewing the quiet sunrise of Cheonhakjeong Pavilion with a dense pine forest is also impressive. It is also the place to relax for local residents. They say that they forget their worries and concerns while watching the blue sea from Cheonhakjeong Pavilion.


深绿的东海无止境展现的海岸绝壁、如刀削般险峻的岩石上与老松一起安静地耸立的天鹤亭。正面2间、侧面2间、双檐八角屋顶的单层亭子的天鹤亭是,是1931年韩致应跟Choi Moonsun、Kim Sungwoon一起建立,与邻近的清涧亭一起,堪称最适合欣赏东海绝景的场所。因为不是对普通市民广泛知晓的地方,保持着静寂的氛围的天鹤亭,是适合享受安静的日出的好地方。作为东海岸的日出名所,洛山寺、义湘台等非常闻名,但是郁郁苍苍的松林为伴,在奇岩绝壁上的亭子上迎接的安静的日出是著名地日出场所无法看到的特别的回忆。天鹤亭还起到该地区住民舒适的休息空间作用。地区住民称,登上天鹤亭,看着荡漾的绿色水波,则整个烦心事都会荡然无存。

Information by
Goseong County, Korea Tourism Organization


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