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[Goyang] Aquaplanet Ilsan

  • Address282 Hanryuworld-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si ,Gyeonki-do
  • InformationAguaplanet Ilsan : (031)960-8500
  • Hours of use10:00~19:00
  • HolidaysOpen all year around
  • Homepagewww.aquaplanet.co.kr/ilsan
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


The first convergence aquarium in Korea with animals from the sea and the land


Aquaplanet Ilsan is a convergence aquarium having about 325 species, 36,500 sea and land animals rarely seen, such as penguins, otters, beavers, jaguars, Ring tailed lumurs, and Two-toed sloths. You can view these animals vividly in the middle of the city.

一山Aqua Planet是企鹅、水貂、海狸、美洲虎、环尾狐猴、二趾树懒等不容易看到的海洋生物与陆地动物大约325种36,500只相和谐的融合水族馆。在市中心,可以感受观赏生动的大海生物与陆地动物的特别的喜乐。
The exhibition hall is divided into The Aqua for the sea animals and The Jungle for land animals. The Aqua has Deep Blue Ocean showing the ecosystem under the sea, and the water tank tunnel, like a deep sea inside of the 11 by 6 cm observation window. In ‘The Jungle’, you can meet a charismatic jaguar, a ring tailed lumur with a unique appearance, a scarlet ibis, a fischer tauraco.

展示室大体分为海洋生物栖息的‘The Aqua’与可以看到陆地动物的‘The Jungle’。‘The Aqua’包括宽11米、竖6米的再现大型观赏窗内神秘的大海生态系的‘Deep Blue Ocean’,准备了令人感到置身海底的隧道水槽等。在‘The Jungle’可以观赏充满魅力的美洲虎、样貌独特的环尾狐猴等,还可以遇到红鹮、绿翅金刚鹦鹉、费氏冠蕉鹃等五彩缤纷而华丽的羽毛的鸟类 

Information by 
Goyang City




• Individual (Aquarium+Zoo)
Adults(20 and more) 27,000won / Teens(14~19) 24,000won / Children(13 and under) 22,000won / Seniors(65 and over) 22,000won

※ Children under 36 months are free, so please bring documentary evidences, such as a medical insurance.

※ Student cards and youth cards required.

※ Seniors (65 and over) should bring ID card.

※ Disability and a companion get 20%off

• Group(Aquarium+Zoo, 20 people and over)
Adults(20 and over) 21,000won / Teens(14~19) 19,000won / Children(13 and under) 17,000won / Seniors(65 and over) 17,000won

※ In case of group, free admission for children under 36 months does not apply. Admission is 22,000won.



Facilities for visitors with disabilities

 Wheelchair-accessible restrooms and elevators, wheelchairs free of charge




• 1st Floor
Convenience Store, Food Court


• 2nd Floor
The Aqua(Deep-sea Fish, Sand Tiger Shark, Jelly Fish and Deep Blue Ocean), Gift Shop

- The Jungle(The Paradise/ Capybara / Ring Tailed Lemur)


• 3rd Floor
The Aqua(Touch Pool / Ocean Arena / Penguin, Otter, Beaver / Fresh Water Zone / Fresh Water Tunnel

- The Jungle(The Paradise / Jaguar / Parrot Village)

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