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After Hantan-river trekking....

  • WRITER애기똥풀
  • DATE2018.02.22
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January-27. 2018.

I woke my daugther up because it was time to go Hantan-river trekking.

Oneday, I told my daughter to go trekking with me, but she didn't want to go because of hardiness.

My daughter have a certificate of finishing Kyunggi Pyeonghwa Nurigil.

So, she thought that trekking was easy and boring to her.

I told her that Hantan-river trekking is what we walk on frozen Hantan-river.

She was surprised and agreed with me.

And we went together.


We arrived at Hantan-river. That was frozen.

It was very slippery.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 


I was ready to go trekking.

Hiking boots, Socks, Hat, Gloves, and so on.

But it was lack.

My friend lended me stick and so on.  I thanked a lot.


I took a picture on the Hantan-river.

And I want to finish this trekking well without safety accidents.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 



I like a hole on the Hantan-river.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다.  


In 2016, my friend went trekking with my daughter, so he greeted my dauther.

My daughter liked him very much.

My friend was sick last year, but now good.

I pray to God that my friend is healthy.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다.
사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 


Hantan-river is famous with columnar joint.

I felt my country's beauth. So, I took a picture with them.



사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 

사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다.


Hantan-river is long. So I was tired.

We was going together with playing, sitting and eating.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다.
사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 


Last, I saw Pyeongchang Olympics a little.

It was great.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다. 


My daughter told me that she want to go trekking with her fater. 


Last, we visited 'Pyeonghwa Migratory Bird Town'.

That place, we saw cranes.

And we finised trekking.


사용자가 등록한 이미지 입니다.

I want to go continu.

Someday, I want to go trekking over military demarcation line.





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