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Road of Peace and Hope

The hope and peace road thatsymbolizes the pain of a divided Korea蕴含着分断的痛苦、追求和平的希望之路

In this place where traces of the Korea War remain, we have established the Pyeonghwa (peace) Nurigil Road in the hope of bringing peace. We want to walk this road that commands a view of the geographically close yet politically distant land of North Korea, where the beautiful nature and the forgotten history and culture need to be preserved, and where security is tight alongside our wishes for peace. Hopefully, the Pyeonghwa Nurigil Road, situated at the heart of the Korean Peninsula, will pave the way for the peace and unification of Korea.


Pyeonghwa Nurigil connects the center of the eastern Korean Peninsula to the west.


Pyeonghwa Nurigil, which symbolizes the world’s only remaining divided territory, will be created to stretch a total of 551 km by 2020, pursuant to the South Korean government’s total development plan for the border area, formulated in July 2011.


Pyeonghwa Nurigil is an eco-friendly road with non-paved roads, existing roads, and abandoned roads, as well as military operations roads. The full length of the road will be established as the border-area-specific road that symbolizes peace, security, the ecosystem, and history. It will certainly create a best brand that is expected to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.


평화누리길 전경들

Pyeonghwa Nurigil is fit for walkers and bikers.


Pyeonghwa Nurigil has already been partially established in 10 cities and counties from Ganghwa to Goseong, symbolizing the individual area-specific themes of nature, the ecosystem, history, culture, and security.


Ganghwa, which once served as the temporary capital of the Goryeo Dynasty during the Mongolian invasion of the country, boasts many historical heritage sites. Gimpo, close to North Korea, commands a view of the barbed wire fence of the divided Korea, alongside Pyeonghwa Nurigil. Goyang, which has the country’s only wetland (Janghang Wetland) where the river water and the seawater meet, offers a good place to ride bikes in the downtown area.


Paju, which has sightseeing attractions highlighting all themes of security, history, culture, etc., offers a view of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex in North Korea. Yeoncheon, which boasts the longest stretch of the Pyeonghwa Nurigil Road among the 10 cities and counties the road traverses, features the amazing Hantangang River and columnar jointing. Cheorwon is famous as the home of various migratory birds, including cranes; and Hwacheon, where you can walk across Bukhangang River, is the site of the summer Marsh Snail Festival and the winter Salmon Trout Festival.


From Yanggu, which stages diverse sports matches year-round, to Inje, which offers splendid views of Naeseorak Mountain, and to Goseong, where you can view Geumgangsan Mountain in North Korea on a clear day and walk along the East Sea coastline, Pyeonghwa Nurigil offers border-area-specific travel courses.


In addition, the border area’s vibrant special events include Walking Pyeonghwa Nurigil, dedicated to the wish for the unification of Korea; the Peace Unification Marathon, dedicated to the memory of the pain of the divided Korea; the Pyeonghwa Nurigil Bike Ride along the DMZ; a photo contest; and the DMZ international documentary film festival.


평화누리길 평화누리길 전경들

Leaping forward to everyone’s beloved hope road


On August 30, 2014, on the occasion of the Pyeonghwa Nurigil Walking Travel (Dutayeon in Yanggu), the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and the border-area cities and counties held an MOU signing ceremony for the border area win-win development. The MOU aims to realize the border-area win-win cooperation and to lay the foundation for the area’s sustainable development through ① joint cooperation for creating the border area into ecological and peace spaces in preparation for the unification of Korea, ② efforts to construct an area-area and civil-military cooperative system within the border area to achieve win-win development, and ③ efforts to explore the future national growth engines and to pursue relevant local projects.


In the heart of the Korean Peninsula and the cold-war area, Pyeonghwa Nurigil is established. Through this road, we vow to convert the pain-filled DMZ into a hope-filled space and to vitalize the regional economy of the border area. Also, through this road, we vow to position the border area as a space in preparation for the unification of Korea.


평화누리길 철책선 평화누리길 전경들

Pyeonghwa Nurigil can leap forward only with our care and love.


Our one step can start the promotion of Pyeonghwa Nurigil as the global peace-delivering road. Everyday, Pyeonghwa Nurigil is waiting to be filled with the steps of many people to deliver its hope messages.



Published in
December 15, 2015

Modified in
December 3, 2016



  • The master plan for the border area development (July 2011) - Ministry of Public Administration and Security


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