DMZ The Land of Peace and LifeDMZ The Land of Peace and Life DMZIGI

To remain informed

We should know the DMZ stories which are DMZ, Panmunjeom, Civilian area, Border line area, and The five northwestern islands

Right gaze to see the DMZ, new thoughts

DMZ map 1.Military demarcation line 2.Southern Limit Line 3.Civilian control Line 4.Northern Limit Line 5.Han River Estuary Neutral Area 6.NLL Panmunjeom DMZ(지도) 민간인 통제구역(지도) 접경지역(지도) Five islands in the West Sea(Map)


  • The emergence of the DMZ and current status
    Emergence and current status +
    No more gunfire, but war with no winner or loser. The Korean War left us with irrevocable pain and agony as well as unwanted problem. A land which crosses the center of the Korean Peninsula and that can’t be reached, DMZ.
  • Historical background
    Historical background +
    Korea’s dream to become free from Japan came true on August 15th, 1945, when Japan declared unconditional surrender during the World War II. However, the joy of freedom didn’t last long.
  • The future outlook
    The future and outlook +
    Warm breeze began to flow around DMZ where it was used to be called as ‘the last glacier of the cold war’. Amicable approach to DMZ begun as the air of cold war which froze the world started to melt down.

Daeseong-dong village

  • A story of Daeseong-dong Village in seven numbers
  • 1, 207, 0, 8, 46, 99.8, 80
  • "A story of Daeseong-dong Village in seven numbers, the village at the heart of DMZ, the land of peace and life"
    Access to Daeseong-dong Village has been blocked for five decades. Thus, the villagers live in isolation.
    Here is a story of Daeseong-dong Village, in seven numbers, which is dedicated to the wish for the peace and unification of Korea even amid challenges.