DMZ The Land of Peace and LifeDMZ The Land of Peace and Life DMZIGI

Eco travel

Life is blooming in burned land… Paradise of plants and animals along the barbed-wire fences.


The land of pain where gunshots sounded several times. Half a century has hidden the scars of war. That is why primitive nature, which has grown paradoxically from cracks in divided Korean peninsula, gets attention. Wild ecosystems in the mountains, fields, rivers and tidal flats with deep-rooted barbed wire have kept their own new order. We see hope in animals’ footsteps and the scent of wild flowers that grow over their wounds.

发生过数次激战,有着悲痛历史的地方。有半个世纪的岁月都被战争的伤痕所覆盖。 在分割的半岛缝隙中逆生长的原始自然备受瞩目是不是也是这个原因呢。 扎根着铁丝网的土地上,野生生态界在山和田野,江和滩涂上维持着新的秩序。 在克服创伤随意生长的野花花香与动物足迹身上我们看到了新的希望。

The only natural ecological park on the earth


Are you planning a special ecological trip? If so, what about Eundae-ri(town), Yeoncheon-gun(county), the habitat of water spiders that live in air-pocket for a lifetime? You can also observe the unique environment created by mixing river and seawater in Janghang wetland. The mysterious Daeamsan(Mt.) Yong(dragon) Marsh, surrounded by damp mist, is a must-see attraction. Let's go to the rivers, tidal flats, reservoirs, ponds, swamps and puddles in the DMZ to see the rare creatures that have grown without interruption for a long time.

计划着一次特别的生态旅行吗?那么来涟川隐垈里看一生都在水中气囊里生活的水蜘蛛怎么样呢! 在獐项湿地观察江水与海水汇为一处的独特场景也是一个不错的选择。 被潮湿的迷雾围绕着的大岩山神秘龙池也是一处不可错过的地方。 想领略长时间没有被打扰的环境下生长的珍贵生物,就出发去DMZ的江和滩涂,蓄水池与荷塘,沼泽与水塘吧!