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[Gimpo] Maehwa-mir village

  • Addressbeon-gil 98 yong-ganglo 437 wolgoj-myeon gimpo-si Gyeong-gido
  • InformationMaehwa-mir village : 010-9916-9007
  • PublishedMarch 13, 2018
  • RevisedMarch 13, 2018


Between the city and the rural area where you can feel the warm feeling of the rural in the city, Maehwa-mir village

在城市和农村之间,您可以感受到城市乡村的温暖感觉, 梅花MIR


Maehwa-mir village, located at Yonggang-ri Wolgot-myun, Gimpo, is nearby city but also clean village inside CCZ(Civilian Control Zone). It is the largest habitat of Maehwamareum, known for endangered species. There was Ganggyeong port, which was military point but gone now, and it is facing with Yu island, home of blackfaced spoonbill, and Gaepung-gun, Gaesung. There is Dragon pool in the village which never freeze, and has legend of dragon rising. Dragon pool is lifeline of the village as well as root of rich and fertile land. At front of the village, river flows quietly. Maehwa-mir village greets guests with comfort that we could felt from our grandparents whenever we met them. Lets feel the missing feeling of healthy rural village that familiar and unfamiliar coexist.




Information by
The Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Maehwa-mir village 







Darang-non catch the loach
- per person 5,000 won / Time required 30minutes / spring·summer·autumn    operation

Chi-Chi-Po-Po Mir train
- per person 5,000 won / Time required 30minutes / Operate all year round

Making traditional tofu
- per person 10,000 won (More than 20 people) / Time required 1 hour/ Operate all year round

Punch the mochi
- per person 5,000 won (More than 20 people) / Time required 1 hour/ Operate all year round






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