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[Goyang] Seoohreung

  • Address334-92, Seoohreung-ro, Deukyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • InformationSeoohreung: (031)359-0090
  • Hours of use• February-May, September-October
    - ticketing time: 06:00-17:00
    - Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00
    • June-August
    - ticketing time: 06:00-17:30
    - Opening Hours: 06:00-18:30
    • November-January
    - ticketing time: 06:30-16:30
    - Opening Hours: 06:30-17:30
  • HolidaysClosed everyMonday
  • Homepagehttp://goyang.cha.go.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


UNESCO World Heritage Site Seoohreung Royal Tomb, located along with Gyeongneung Royal Tomb, Changneung Royal Tomb, Myeongneung Royal Tomb, Ingneung Royal Tomb, Hongneung Royal Tomb


Seoohreung Royal Tomb is a historical site no.198 and UNESCO world heritage site. It has the 5 out of 40 royal tombs of Joseon. Gyeongneung Royal Tomb of King Deokjong and Queen Sohye, Changreung Royal Tomb of the 8th King Yejong and his 2nd Queen Ansun, Myeongneung Royal Tomb of 19th King Sukjong and his 2nd Queen Inhyeon and 3rd Queen Inwon, Ingneung Royal Tomb of King Sukjong's 1st Queen Ingyeong, and Hongneung Royal Tomb of 21st King Youngjo and 1st Queen Jeongseong. In addition, Sunchangwon Royal Tomb of son Sunhoe of King




Myeongjong, Sugyeongwon Royal Tomb of King Yongjo’s concubine Yeongbin Lee, and Daebinmyo Royal Tomb of Jang Hee Bin’ was transferred in 1970. Total size of the tomb is second largest followed by Donggureung Royal Tomb in Guri City, and it is also near Seoul city so it’s good place for a walk or jogging.



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Goyang City



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• Individual
- Age 25~64 : 1,000won
• Group(10 people and above)
- Age 25~64 : 1,000won
• ‘Culture-day’ Free of charges
- Every last Wednesday of the month starting from 2014. 1. 29.(Wed)
- For : People who are visiting Joseon royal tomb(Foreign &non-foreign)
• Free of charges
- Teenagers below 24 (must present student ID or any kind of ID)
- Citizens above 65 (must present ID)
- Retired Soldiers and Police
- Handicapped / National merit
- 5,18 democratic merit, Admission exempted by the specific identification method, such as war veterans
- Teachers guiding students for educational activities
- Tour guides who posses licensed tour guide in accordance with the relevant Tourism Promotion and organizations who stand for spectators
- Military Blue bloods (issued by military elite abominations)
- filial piety promoters and filial piety excellencies according to law
- People who are wearing Hanbok(only during Thanks giving day, New year)
- Basic living recipients - Culture (voucher) card, proof of beneficiary certificates
- The next higher tier-culture (voucher) card, and its supporting certificate
   • Rehabilitation workers (present certificate)
    •Subjects for lower income family (present certificate)
    •Subjects for Impairment (Child) (present certificate)
    •Subjects for Single-parent families (present certificate)
    •Other lower income family recognized by Minister of Health and   Welfare
- More than 65 years of foreign permanent residency status (F-5)acquirer
※ Free tour participants must present certificate.
• Time based ticket
- Period of use: 1 year
- Hours: 1. morning: 06:00~09:00(11~2(month) : 06:30~09:00) 2. noon : 12:00~13:00
- Charges : 30,000won
• Lunch time ticket
- Period of use: 3months
- Hours: 12:00~14:00(Entering hours: 11:30~13:30)
- Charges : 3,000won
• Monthly ticket
- Period of use: 1month
- Hours: anytime within opening hours
- Charges: 10,000won



Facilities for the disabled

wheelchair accessible restroom and parking area 


Available (free parking) 


Drinking fountain, Bicycle rack 


 • Total touring time
- 60minutes (Forest trails - 1hour 40 minutes)


• Culture Tour Guide
- Regular commentary : 10:00, 13:00, 15:00
- Inquiry : (02)353-6363

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