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[Ganghwa] Ganghwa Tideland Center

  • Address2293-37 Haeannam-ro, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Gwangyeoksi, Incheon
  • InformationGanghwa Tideland Center Management Office : (032)930-7064,5
  • Hours of use• The summer season: 09:00~18:00
    • The winter season : 09:00~17:00
    • Admission time : 09:00~17:00
    ※ Hours are flexible according to the season
    ※ Ticketing time : until an hour before closing time
  • HolidaysMonday, January 1, Lunar New Year Day and Thanksgiving Day
  • Homepagehttp://tidalflat.ganghwa.incheon.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


The rich repository of the ecological environemnt, Ganghwa Tideland Center suggests the future of Ganghwa’s environment.


Ganghwa-do is the island of the tideland. It is the passage of fresh water affected by Han-river, Yeseong-river and Imjin-river, and seawater, materials from the river are deposited in the far sea when the tide is on the ebb, and tidal sand ridges are accumulated around the island at a rising tide. Moreover, it has advantageous conditions to develop the tideland, such as a lot of islands, indented coastlines, and many bays that the sea surface is gentle. The southern of Ganghwa tideland was designated as the No.419 natural monument, and it is 52.8 times as big as Yeuido. Especially, the southwest area of tideland, from Yeochari, Dongmakri to Dongeomri, accounts for 86 per cent of the whole tideland of Ganghwa. So, Ganghwa County established  the eco-friendly log tideland center to look down Yeochari tideland at a glance.



It is the educational space to experience the natural ecology of the Ganghwa tideland with five senses. There are the three-dimensional kaleidoscope to see various creatures living in the tideland, the exhibition hall to introduce the four seasons of the Ganghwa tideland, and the observation deck to observe various wild birds of the Ganghwa tideland through a telescope. Its interior is also unique. There are diverse marine life models embossed on the wall of the stairway from a basement to the second floor, and you can touch it. It is another pleasure to take a walk on the promenade along the seashore.





Information by
Ganghwa County, Ganghwa Tildaflat Center, Korea Tourism Organization 




• Individual 
- Adults 1,500won/ Teens. Active Korean Military 1,000won / Children 800won

• Group (Thirty people and more)

- Adults 1,200won / Teens. Active Korean Military 800won / Children 600won  

• Free

- Men of national merit / Independence patriots/ The war bereaved /  Disabilities and one companion/ Children(6 and under) and Senior(65 and over) / Ganghwa residents



Facilities for visitors with disabilities

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms, ramps and elevators




• Basement 
- Laboratory of Tideland and Migratory Birds, Multi-purpose Theatre, Special Exhibition Hall, Restroom, Daecheong Space, Lounge

• 1st floor 
- Laboratory, Library/PC room/Reference room, Lobby, Ebb/Flow Aquarium, Eco shop, Information Desk(ticket office), Restroom, Exhibition Hall, Five Senses Exhibition, Observation Deck

• 2nd floor 
- Rooftop Garden, Symbol Exhibition, Observatory(telescope), Five Senses Exhibition, Diorama Exhibition

Estimated time of tour

 50 minutes

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