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[Yanggu] Daeamsan Mountain Dragon Swamp

  • AddressDong-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do
  • InformationYanggu County (033)480-2171
  • Homepagewww.ygtour.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


Daeamsan Mountain Dragon Swamp, the treasure house of an ecosystem where rare and precious flora and fauna


Daeamsan Mountain Dragon Swamp is the one and only elevated wetland in Korea, and it was discovered during the process of experimentation for DMZ ecosystem in 1966. An elevated wetland, also defined as an eminent marsh, is a form of sphagnous wetland which is developed in a plane with no access to good drainage. The Dragon Swamp, located in 1,300m altitude of Mt. DaeAm, is 225m in width and it has a highly acidic property of ph 5.8. Mostly mosses are growing inside of the swamp. Not only that Daeamsan Mountain Dragon Swamp is a habitat of rare plants such as Bog bean, Gentian, Pitcher plant, and Utricularia, but it is also a habitat for rare insects like Rice grasshopper, Wheat grasshopper, and little gerridae. As of now, the Dragon Swamp is designated as Natural Monument no.246. Also, Daeamsan Mountainis allotted as protected natural area with Daeusan Mountain.

大岩山龙池是韩国唯一的高层沼泽,在1966年研究DMZ生态系的过程中发现。高层沼泽亦称为高位沼泽,是在山地斜面或排水不良的平坦面生长的水苔很多的沼泽的一种形状。位于大岩山海拔1,300米地点的龙池以宽度225米的鸡蛋形状建设而成,并呈现氢离子浓度5.8的强酸性,而里面只生长水苔。大岩山龙池是睡菜、毗卢龙胆、草龙胆、毛毡苔、Yellowish-white bladderwort等罕见植物的滋生地,同时也是稻蝗、Scorpionflies Orthoptera、Gerris latiabdominis Miyamoto等罕见昆虫的栖息地。现在,龙池被指定为天然纪念品第246号,而大岩山与大愚山一同被指定为天然保护区域。

Moreover, Daeamsan Mountain Dragon Swamp was the first area of Korea to implement the Ramsar Convention on July 28, 1997. Ramsar Convention refers to an international agreement made in order to protect the habitats of waterfowl. Daeamsan Mountain had an entrance control before, but it was revealed to the public from the point when Yanggu-gun formed the Ecology Tour. The Daeamsan Mountain Ecology Tour is divided to four courses, and it provides various structures for the comfort of visitors. However, former inquiry must be consulted regarding some courses including the Dragon swamp- as entrance may not be allowed due to some situations.


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