DMZ The Land of Peace and LifeDMZ The Land of Peace and Life DMZIGI


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DMZ Observatory preview

  • SourceMinistry of the Interior and Safety
  • Running time8 minutes
  • PublishedMarch, 2018



The place that has the hope of unification, a touching scene connecting North and South. DMZ Observatory preview. 

When you get to the DMZ Observatory, you can meet an unexpected past. The endless barbed wire fence and trees with unknown names, leisurely floating clouds. Everything stopped at that time half a hundred years ago. The northern land surrounded by telescopes is lonely and as quiet as a silent film. The war left traces of an irreversible past.

This feeling is just for a while and you will be amazed by the liveliness of DMZ. The crowds of migratory birds flying up into the sky and a spectacular view of the vast forests that fluttering in the wind is eye-catching. The hope for unification flows smoothly in here.

From the observatory, you can see a vivid scene of a more beautiful DMZ.

In DMZ Observatory, the past, present and future of Korean Peninsula is breathing and living together. Those precious scenes was completely captured by camera.


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