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Travel to DMZ, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Travel to DMZ, which has been lasted for forty-eight, is the representative historical place in Korea. It makes local residents to inspire security for our country, and it lets foreigner feel the how important peace and liberty are by representing our national division. If so, when have we traveled DMZ and where are we about traveling to DMZ?

Something had to know when traveling DMZ

There are several things you have to know before you travel to DMZ.You could check several points that help you to have wonderful experiences in DMZ.

  • * Visitors must be at least 10 years old  * Observe the visiting hours (If visitors don’t follow reservation time, it will be canceled)* Wearing the proper outfits (banned on wearing military uniform, sleeveless shirt, too revealing clothes, short pants, slippers, leather pants, training outfit, torn or too glittering jeans)* Do not touch facilities in Panmunjeom conference, especially flags or microphone* No drinking and bring liquor* Required an identification card (ex. resident card) 

  • •满10岁以上人员可以参观•请遵守参观时间(如若违反,将取消参观)•请准备合适的衣服(禁止穿着军装、无袖上衣、太暴露的衣服、短裤、拖鞋、皮裤、训练装备、破洞或太闪亮的牛仔裤等)•请勿碰触板门店会议室里的设施,特别是旗帜或麦克风•禁止喝酒,或者携带酒类•请携带居民登陆证等身份证件

  • Civilian may not go into DMZ easily. If you want to travel security sightseeing in DMZ, we recommend you 15 border line areas nearby DMZ. There are many attractions to enjoy pure nature which has been preserved well, observatories to see DMZ and North Korea’s land. However those security tour attractions are also having many military areas where should keep securities so you need to check entrance availability with office before and must bring an identification card.

  • 一般人不可以随意进出DMZ地区。如果您想要去DMZ地区旅行,我们推荐您DMZ附近的15个邻近地区。这里设有展望台可以远望DMZ地区样貌和北韩土地,以及战争遗址,还有禁止普通民众出入形成的纯天然的生态系统等,景观资源丰富。安保旅行地,以及为了安全需要留有军事活动的区域有很多,参观之前请先向当地观光署确认是否可以参观,参观当天请务必携带身份证。

  • There are some attractions which we cannot take pictures or videos in terms of security needs. Also sometimes we should take photos in designated areas. So it is good to check with guide assistants or administrators in advance. 

  • 安保旅行地中有一些地方,因为安保上的问题,是禁止拍照片或者视频的。请只在允许拍摄的地方进行拍摄。请事前咨询安保或者相关人员是否可以拍照。

  • It is not possible. Visitors group should be 30~45 people. And application opens only for 2 month later on line (www.nis.go.kr). So you need to register to visit Panmunjeom 2 months before in there.

  • 板门店不允许单人参观。参观人员需要达到30人以上45人以下。参观申请时要在申请之日起2个月后才可以参观,因此请提前安排好日程。板门店参观申请请通过国家安保院网址(www.nis.go.kr)进行。

  • After the request for visiting, the process may take about 2~3 months because police make visitors’ identification - it usually takes a month -. If the group is big, it also can be extended to 4~5 months. Plus there would be possibility of cancelation when government gives notification to cancel visiting Panmunjeom because of South-North Dialogue or UN’s situation and so on.

  • 在网上申请参观后,警察局确认时间(大约需要1个月左右),因此到最终参观可能需要2~3个月的时间,如果申请人数比较多,也可能需要4~5个月。此外,也有可能因为南北会谈或者UNC等原因,通报取消对板门店的参观。

  • You can take subway from Seoul to Munsan Station. From Munsan station, you can go to Dorasan station with Gyeongui Line which is circle line of Munsan station, Uncheon station, Imjingang station and Dorasan station. There are two way to approach to Mansan station which is located between Paju staton and Uncheon station. First, taking subway line No.6 from Digital Media City station and second, taking Gyeongui Line heading to Munsan from Seoul station. Dorasan station in civilian control line is located in the northernmost station in South Korea so you should register for entrance and linked tour in Imjungang station.

  • 您可以自首尔乘地铁到达汶山站。在汶山站您可以搭乘去往都罗山站的京义线,京义线是汶山站、云川站、临津江站、都罗山站的环线。有两个方法可以去往位于坡州站和云川站之间的汶山站。一个是乘坐从数码媒体城站开往汶山方向的地铁6号线,还有一个就是乘坐首尔站出发开往汶山站的京义线。位于民统线地区的都罗站是南韩最北端的一个站点,需要在临津江站先进行出入申请和后续参观申请。