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Travel to DMZ, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Travel to DMZ, which has been lasted for forty-eight, is the representative historical place in Korea. It makes local residents to inspire security for our country, and it lets foreigner feel the how important peace and liberty are by representing our national division. If so, when have we traveled DMZ and where are we about traveling to DMZ?

Something had to know when traveling DMZ

There are several things you have to know before you travel to DMZ.You could check several points that help you to have wonderful experiences in DMZ.

  • You should check availability to go in those attractions whether you can go in through according to military strategies or that day’s weather; Taepung (typhoon) Observatory, Yeolsoe Observatory, the first underground tunnel, Eulji Observatory, the fourth underground tunnel, Dutayeon Valley, Chilseongdae Terrace, the second underground tunnel, Woljeong station, Victory Observatory etc.

  • 台风展望台、钥匙展望台、第1隧道、乙支展望台、第4隧道,头陀渊、七星展望台、第2隧道、月汀站、胜利展望台等。也可能会因为军事活动或者天气条件等取消参观,因此参观当天请提前确认能否参观。